Four wasp nests

We have four nests under the eves of our porch (in Canberra) and they all belong to native Australian wasps.

This shouldn’t be a problem unless it is in a high traffic area, which these are. I was stung once, it hurt!

They are a gardeners friend because they keep caterpillars under control.

The best advice is to remove them is to use a fast knock down insecticide spray after dusk when all adults are back on the nest. Just make sure there is a clear path back to the house so you don’t trip. Decided it would be a bit tricky to do this with four nests. I may succeed at killing the wasps on one nest but the wasps on the other three will probably start attacking me!

One is a nest of Roplalidia Plebeiana and the other three nests are Polistes Humilis. Names like that make the wasps sound very clever.

Roplalidia Plebeiana wasp nest Polistes Humilis wasp nest Polistes Humilis wasp nest

I found this PDF article really useful for identifying the species.

There’s a wasp hotline to call in Canberra on 0261621914. I think they will remove any European Wasps nests free of charge, and give free advice on other species of wasp but not removing the nests.

Update: All wasps were gone by the second week of May, and the nests became a great preschool show-and-tell activity.

Update: It’s early October and the wasps are back, exact same locations as last year.

Update: Three currawong knocked the nest down and ate all the wasps at 7am on 27th March 2018. It was unusually cold, around 1°C.

Written on 7 April 2017

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