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What I'm doing now

(This is a now page, maybe you should have one too)

It is Winter and I’m home in Canberra.

Have sold our unit in Sydney and are calmly waiting for the settlement date to close. Learning about index funds.

Have been wrapping up some deliverables for eReefs and preparing conference papers. Usual level of project management guff. Helping out with the NAIDOC week preparations for the office.

Not riding to work so much this month because of family commitments. Instead I’m parking the car about 1 km away and walking.

Toying around on the guitars again after many years of not touching them. Trying to solve a string buzz problem on the Jaguar.

Continuing to minimise. Most physical stuff is now done and the digital stuff is close to being done.

Tinkering with this blog and writing a bit more.

Reading The Tao of Bill Murray

This was updated on 13 June 2017