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What I'm doing now

(This is a now page, maybe you should have one too)

It is Spring and I’m home in Canberra.

In family recovery mode after my trip to the Whitsundays last week. They were suffering through a virus while I was presenting at the Queensland Coastal Conference. This is our 4th winter virus, it sucks.

We have been test riding cargo bikes, plan is to replace our car for most trips.

Being pulled in a few directions at work. Trying to stay focused on a business development proposal along with figuring out how to finish the eReefs project on a high.

Been helping out with Ecoyarns most nights. We have brought in a few more suppliers and improved some backend things.

Haven’t played much guitar or done much writing.

Had enough yak shaving and dumped my Fedora desktop and collection of VMs for a 2012 MacBook Air.

Just finished reading The Luminaries. Undecided about what to start next.

This was updated on 11 September 2017

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