Richard Laugesen

Make robots that forecast water. Tinker with business.

I’ve spent the last decade or so as a computational hydrologist at the Bureau of Meteorology. I get to lead teams of like-minded nerds and feed big datasets into very fast computers to predict the future. I think it’s the best job in the world.

My wife and I own Ecoyarns where we sell socially responsible yarn and fibre to an awesome crafty community.

In the past I’ve been a programmer, high school physics teacher, book author, business owner, research assistant, french polisher, musician, concreter, and electrical laborer.

I relax by playing around on a guitar and riding my bicycle as much as I can.

I majored in Physics at University, and did a bunch of graduate study.

Focused on focus, minimalist, INTJ, Haemophilia A, interested in machine learning.

Live in Australia, born in New Zealand, married to a Singaporean.

What I’m doing now.

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